Fraud Alert

Recently, there have been frequent occurrences of corporate entities or individuals pretending to be our company’s distributor, agent, or export agent to directly or indirectly sign purchase and sales contracts, agency contracts, or tripartite contracts with purchaser, and to forge "Shijiazhuang Hongray Group Co., Ltd." contract stamp or official seal, and to further ask the buyer to directly remit payment to its designated account, or make the payment to our company's account, in the name of "Sincere Money", "Intention Money", without our company's knowledge. This matter is a scam and has the potential to seriously damage our company reputation and the buyer’s interests.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers and company, we solemnly declare as follows:

1. Regarding the export business, our company has not signed any agency contract, distributor contract or export agency contract with any corporate entities or individuals, and has never designated any corporate entities or individuals (including shareholders, executives and their relatives, classmates, etc.) as our company’s distributors, agents or export agents that sell products on behalf of our group. All products are only sold directly through the company. If customers have product requirements, please contact our sales staff directly.

2. All of our company's products are produced by its subsidiaries. Our company has not signed any contract agreement with any factory, and has never authorized any factory as an OEM.

3. Any act to fraudulently use our company name, logo, or the forging of authorization of our company's distributors, or sales contracts is a fraud, and as such our company reserves the right, and will pursue legal action. In the event any individual or company is aware, has knowledge of or has been party to any activity here described, our company recommends that the victim or victims report the case to their respective security or policing agencies immediately.

4. Our company's brand, packaging and products are designed and produced according to the requirements, laws and regulations of the different countries and markets to which we serve. Recently it has been discovered that illegal entities have printed our company’s packaging and attempted to distribute products not produced by our group, or sold packages and products from a country or market to distribute in another country or market under different regulations without our company’s permission. Such behavior seriously damages the interests of our company and is a fraudulent, deceptive act which is disruptive to the company’s interest and very damaging to end buyers and users’ interests. We solemnly declare that our company has never and will not conduct such sales or transactions. In this regard, our company reserves the right to pursue legal action for liability and to claim any and all economic losses caused as a result of such fraudulent activities.

Do be reminded to conduct any business with our company through formal channels:

Sales Tel: 0311-83610949, 66179662, 66179663, 66179660, 67905925, 83629706


Shijiazhuang Hongray Group Co., Ltd.
29 August 2020